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About inspiringbracelet

We brings the best emotional immunity to everyone and helps people go through the toughest times.

It begins in the autumn of 2020

Jane and Ivy, two childhood friends, were separated by the global epidemic we all know.

Ivy had a fever, was taken to the hospital for observation, and was not allowed to meet anyone. She was helpless and nervous.

Jane tried to cheer her up with something meaningful. After looking through everywhere she could, she got nothing proper. As a designer, she decided to make her own. A unique necklace with powerful meaning was born then. Ivy and the people in the hospital like it very much.

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When Jane saw how much everyone liked it, she made more.

That's where the idea begins: "What if we brought this to a global audience? What if we created sustainable work that gives people courage who are struggling?" Ivy is very supportive after hearing this idea.

They choose inspiring as part of the brand name because they hope brand inspiring can bring the best emotional immunity to everyone and help people go through the toughest times.

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Our Mission

As a woman-built and small business, our mission is to recognize that everyone has a beautiful and unique story to tell.

Through our powerful writing and meaningful designs, we inspires our community of customers to share their unique stories. We believe that sharing stories is the spark that ignites connection – when we share our stories we find ourselves within one another, helping us realize that we are not alone in our journeys.

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